1. I need to get the information that will be placed in our project.
  2. Send me all your branded materials: logo, fonts, colors, etc.
  3. Your website or accounts on social networks so that I can understand the mood of your brand
  4. Examples of what you like 

And now, more details:

1. & 2. You can send me information in two ways:

A. Text files and pictures separately (in the original quality). It would be great if it were clear which pictures belong to that or other parts of the text. For example, you can name the image file accordingly or add several pictures directly into the text file.

B. I can use the information from your website. You just need to prepare the list of links directly to the products or informative pages in the correct row and send them to me directly in the chat or in a text file (as it is convenient for you). Sometimes the pictures on the website are low quality to speed up loading. In this case, if possible, you should send those pictures separately in the original quality. 

You can upload pictures using any file-sharing service, such as wetransfer. You can do the same with the brand materials. 

3. You can send your website and other materials just to the chat 

4. Concerning the examples of what you like. That can be a whole brochure, catalog, or just a picture from Pinterest. It is just important for me to understand your vision to satisfy your preferences fully. Of course, I will try to offer something myself in the design process. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you need some information.

Of course, it is an important stage before starting work. In general, the cost of the project is affected by the number of pages and design complexity. Having obtained information about your project and general understanding, I can provide the expected actual cost and delivery time.

At the end of the project, you receive all the necessary files namely:

  • The ready-for-printing file (pdf)
  • File for web viewing (pdf)
  • Source file (indd). You can easily edit the project with this file and the Adobe Indesign program.

Additionally, on request, I can provide you with basic video instructions on how to use the Adobe Indesign program and export files for printing or the web viewing.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need additional files. You can always tell me about it, and I will gladly help you.

Don’t worry about it. Full satisfaction of my customers is very important for me. So if it is an insignificant change, I will do it for you quickly and free of charge. However, if these are global design changes or a large number of edits I will warn you about it and there will be a small surcharge depending on the situation from your edits.

No problem, we can make it look great. I needed only your recommendations to make the design better for you. I believe in teamwork, and with the help of your instructions/comments, I can do it what you want.

You can check out my works in the portfolio section of the Fiverr platform or on my website 

There may be several reasons for that: 

  1. There isn’t enough information: text, pictures, etc.;
  2. The task isn’t completely clear (apart from incomplete information, the buyer cannot explain what he needs);
  3. Terrible pictures, we are talking about frankly bad and low-quality images, which will make it impossible to make a good design;
  4. Concise project terms;
  5. When I’m too busy.
    In this case, I can add your project to the queue. For this to happen, you should agree on a date and reserve funds accordingly. Otherwise, if there are no such agreements, you should not expect that I will be available to work on your project.